Ted Fletchall


Ted and Becky Fletchall met at FBBC and they were married in 1978. The Lord has blessed them with four children: Tim, Shean, Sarah, and Steven. All four children are married to Christian mates and are living in central Iowa. They have 10 grands and one on the way. Ted and Becky arrived on the field the first time in 1985. Becky did not need to attend German language school, because she was born and reared as a MK in Munich, Germany. After Ted’s language school in Munich, they moved to Austria, where they served the Lord in a church-planting ministry near Innsbruck for 15 years. At the end of their forth term in Austria, Ted and Becky received a request to come and help a small Baptist church in Geisenheim, Germany. They moved to Geisenheim in January 2003. In 2012 they moved to Ingelheim to work with the Independent Baptist Church in Mainz.